Outsourcing and consultation

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the means of company performance optimization through contracting out functions not related to the company profile to other specialized companies.

Why to outsource?

The Outsourcing Practice is the most widespread type of service. In contemporary business outsourcing is on the top of the most dynamically evolving sectors of the economy. The service is in increasingly high demand. Major companies entrust financial, advertising, legal and staff services to outsourcing companies, which is both time and finance friendly. HR outsourcing is considered to be of the most widespread outsourcing forms.


HR outsourcing is defined as contracting out HR Management related functions to a specialized company. Which HR-Outsourcing service the FireWorks Human Resources Management offers:

  • Recruitment & executive search – tracing professional staff;
  • HR consulting – development of internal regulations and consulting for a company;
  • HR training – organization of permanent staff trainings on various topics;
  • HR audit – organization of HR audit;
  • Entering into labor agreements with employees – sign law-governed labor agreements and enter them to the database of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection (electronic notification);
  • Personnel appraisal – create an employee evaluation system for management of the entity and maintain permanent staff evaluation;
  • Motivation system – launch the staff motivation system;
  • All other work done by the Human Resources Management Department (if requested).

The FireWorks Human Resources Management HR-outsourcing service enables you to attain the following

  • No time waste;
  • Fast tracing of professional personnel;
  • Introduction of the motivation system maximizes existing staff’s labor capacity;
  • No problem in HR specialists search, stable service;
  • Up to 50% reduction of the approved annual budget of the Human Resources Management Department;
  • Income generation due to reduction of other HR related expenses;
  • Full transparency of all expenses;
  • Compliance with all normative rules and by-laws introduced by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection;
  • The FireWorks is morally responsible for the quality of the service.